my heroes.

as you all read from the title, i mentioned the word “heroes”.  growing up, we all had our perception of what heroes were.  we would often find them in comic books, men wearing tights, their capes blowing in the wind, and masks hiding their true identities. they would have cars equipped with every gadget/weapon a hero would need to fight crime.  in my case, it was different. i had heroes too, and they were not of the comic-book-kind.  these elite group of men wore full-leathers, and the only time you would see them with capes, is when they have their native flag on a make-shift pole on one hand, the pole/flag secured firmly on their shoulder during their victory laps. they wore colorful, signature-designed helmets, instead of masks, to give them their own identity on the track. lastly, a fancy car was not their transportation of choice.  my heroes were on two wheels.


Wayne Rainey


Norifumi abe


Kevin Schwantz


Shinya Nakano


Colin Edwards


Noriyuki Haga


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